Herd Meditation

Herd Meditation

Herd Meditation


Herd Meditation is a unique equine-assisted personal development program that harnesses the therapeutic presence of horses. This experience goes beyond conventional approaches, as the gentle nature of these animals invites individuals to embrace a sense of peacefulness and immerse themselves in a space of quiet, healing joy. The herd setting provides a serene backdrop for self-reflection and personal growth, fostering a connection with Self, with the herd, and the calming energy of the horses.


As we guide you through this experience, we invite you to join us in meditating on the concepts of mindfulness, true consent, and kind boundaries – not only with our equine companions but also in the broader context of human interactions. The gentle and intuitive nature of the horses serves as a guide, encouraging a deeper connection with these principles, and fosters a harmonious blend of self-awareness and compassion in your journey towards emotional well-being.
Itinerary: Meet & greet at the Anam Cara Stables. Walk out to join the herd for a partly guided meditation. Shift into a silent walking meditation with the herd. Come back together to share our experiences. Brief closing meditation.

Dates will be posted on Facebook and on PLEASE RSVP to 219-207-7222 or message Anam Cara Stables on FB. You can also join the closed facebook group, Anam Cara’s Herd Meditation for more discussion.

Please dress for the weather and bring your own portable/camping chair, water bottle, journal and whatever you need to be comfortable.

Suggested donation: $5 – $30

Thank you to Ulla at The Sundance Center, MI for sharing this concept with us and encouraging us to share it with you.

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