Contact:  Stacey 219-448-8109  or  Sandy 219-608-0093

What We Do

Our programs are individually tailored to meet each family, group or corporation’s needs. Equine Specialists at Anam Cara Stables work with mental health providers who specialize in particular areas. We provide services for enhancing school success as well as: recovering from trauma, grief/loss, PTSD, eating disorders, anger management, self-esteem/self-worth, ADHD, addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health and relationship issues.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy , Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups. We provide experiential activities with our horses to help clients of all ages to build and improve:

Social skills
Communication skills
Personal awareness

Equine Assisted Learning, Children, Adolescents, and Adults. Provide experiential activities to help develop the tools and strategies needed to make good choices. EAL is a fantastic way to experience the benefits of our services for those not requiring therapy.

Life skills
Leadership skills
Character development
Practice new skills

Corporate Training and Development, Leadership - Team Building - Problem Solving

Discover how each individual plays a significant role in your group.
Develop unique leadership, problem solving, and communication skills.
Create a more efficient, flexible and productive team.
Become masters at thinking “out of the box”!

Future Services

Serve Veterans and First Responders in the community
Expand our services to schools within the area
Work with hospitals, residential treatment programs and private practice groups to develop and provide private EAP programs.